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From Rome to London to become a popstar. Interview with Kate Klein

FB_IMG_1460597062886London Energy, attitude and charismatic ….. Three words to describe Kate Klein, an Italian girl from Venice who went to London to follow her dream.

I was with my business partner when I met Kate having a coffee in Caffè Nero and after a spontaneous conversation we’ve decided to do an interview.

She knew what she wanted to do since she was 13: become a Popstar and perform in the biggest stages.

She comes from a musical family as her mum was a pianist and her grandparents both singers and guitar players.

Kate began with performing Madonna and Shania Twain covers at the local festivals but devoted most of her time to playing guitar, piano and learning hip-hop dance.

At 16 Kate founded a pop-rock girl band with her girlfriends called Fall in the Destiny.

They were known in the High School Environment and they performed at the alternative festivals.

We were the only Girl band doing Pop Rock in the city. It was a boy’s game! We wanted to show to the guys that we can play the electric guitar too, Skirts,attitude and cute faces. We did get a couple of contract offers, however we never came to anything as the band split up”.

So she went solo writing and producing her own music with the help of some musician friends that had a recording studio.

At 17 Kate and her rebellious nature got her into trouble, skipping school, to go to the local music shops where she used to spend most of her time.

To get away from her family, who opposed her musical aspiration, Kate upped sticks and went to live with her grandmother.

At 18, after graduation, her parents wanted her to find an occupation or to go to university. But that was not in her plans .

So she decided to find a compromise and went to Rome to study cinema. In fact beside the music she has a big passion for screen writing and acting.18985-5636211a83a70-111791 (1)

Moving to Rome meant she could escape from her family and focus on music.

She managed to find a cheap accommodation in the suburbs and started working with a composer. She wrote arrangements for him in exchange of music lessons.

Kate picked up work in the entertainment business as an actress, model and screenwriter.

She now had somewhere to live, work and develop and, in a room in the suburbs of Rome, she produced her first single Nobody’s daughter which talks about her conflictual relationship with her mother and the struggle to get her attention.

This is the portrait of Kate : lost and restless in a big city.

‘’I felt like a Poèt maudit. I was lonely with no family and all my internal ghosts started to come, out one by one. I needed to break free from my past and music was the path to take”.

One day, Kate found an advert on a newspaper which seemed to be the solution: a producer was looking for the fifth component of a girl band with the idea to recreate the news Spice Girls. So Kate decided to try and went for the Audition. After performing a cover of a Gwen Stefani song , the producer decided there and then to sign her.

‘’ That was the life I was always dreamt about but there was something I was missing. I wanted more’’ Kate said.

’I closed my eyes and I could see the big picture, me on a big stage, alone. And I said to myself ‘’ do you believe in your vision or in the other people’s one?’

FB_IMG_1462278802674It wasn’t for me, so I went back to Venice and worked on a few songs. My plan was to produce two more songs and fly to London and make it big.

I said to myself: life is not a dress rehearsal, there is no time to stay in the middle, If I want to try , I will try and make It big’‘.

Determined and with her dream in her mind, she self-produced a trilogy of songs: Castaway Island, Fantasia and Climb the Moon.

A story which talks about a girl who is looking for herself and,through fantasy travel between the sky and a lost island, she climbs a mountain and, while climbing, she reaches the Moon. There, she finds her purpose, the meaning of her life, the power.

‘’The trilogy represented the end of a big chapter. That moment when I realized about my strength, who I am and what I wanted. I could feel a big surge of power and at that point nobody could stop me’’.

Kate packed her bags and went to London, the place where everything is possible, the pleasure island.

And that’s the beginning of Kate adventure in the UK: a lot of stories and situations connected to each other that, step by step, lead her into the famous music business world.

‘’ At the beginning it was really hard, my accent was different and it was hard to speak with the people in the music business. London is a city that gives and takes away everything. It’s probably my real interest in people played a big role”.IMG-20160508-WA0004

Determined and naive, Kate tried to get into the English music business facing fake producers, who took advantage of her, and shady people who promised stardom and fake career.

In order to pay the rent, she started working in the cinema and entertainment business appearing in movies and music videos of the most famous Pop artists.

That’s when she met a man on a video shoot , who put her in contact with her music manager. He recognized her talent and decided to support her with the recordings of a song that she was working on, called #Streetstyle.

Inspired by Gwen Stefani and J-pop music, the song it’s a 90s anthem in all its aspects: The street life, Street fashion, Michael Jordan and Barbie and Big Bubbles.

‘’ Producers tried to change the song many times. They wanted it more rock, more Pop, funky. But that was not my vision. So I decided to keep working on it by myself”.

When Streetstyle was finished, Kate decided to make a music video and  in 24 hours filmed it on a Gopro camera, in the centre of London, with a friend and with the help of all tourists and local people.

”In this way we made the music video of Street style that, after 3 weeks on YouTube, it has already reached 6.000 views”.

For three months, the song will be also in radio rotation on KCR College Radio of San Diego USA.

At the moment she is working with a producer on a new song will be out in the next months . At the same time she is working on writing new stuff.

FB_IMG_1462278683790”Now I am exploring the dark side of the street style world. I want my music to be darker, edgy and urban. I grew up since #Streestyle.  All these stories, lived between Rome and London, made me stronger and more street wise”.

But I will love the Bubblegum Pop forever !

Kate plans to do a performance in central London soon.

’’ I am also working on a big show for this summer. I come from Italy and theatre has always been part of my life. I’m working with dancers and visual artists in order to give a full performance to people. Once the date is confirmed, I will announce on the web ’’.

Full of energy, this girl will never stop working.

She talks about the love for her country:

”I love Italy and I won’t to stop making songs in Italian. I want to create a bridge between the English and Italian musical world, very different but both representing my personality’‘. I have my heart split in two parts: Italy represents my naive side, England is my street wise side which stole a bit of that innocence when I arrived”.

Kate Klein a girl who believed in her vision and is making people believing in it too…

We are sure you will hear about her soon.

Martina Lapenna



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