Fratelli La Bufala - Pizzaioli emigranti
SPONSOR • Fratelli La Bufala 40 Shaftesbury Avenue London W1d7EY....i nostri valori sempre con noi


Fratelli La Bufala • 40 Shaftesbury Avenue London W1d7EY....i nostri valori sempre con noi

“Fratelli La Bufala –Pizzaioli Emigranti” profile

Established in 2003, “Fratelli La Bufala –Pizzaioli Emigranti” is managed by the Emme Sei S.p.a. catering group, which manages various franchising restaurant brands. Emme Sei S.p.A. become market leader within few years by the identification of a gap in the restaurant field and by seizing the related opportunity with imagination, efficiency and speed. “Fratelli La Bufala –Pizzaioli Emigranti” is a catering project that places buffalo mozzarella and meat at the core of its food offer. From the beginning the brand has been built on the authenticity of its ingredients and products, with the core aim of spreading throughout Italy and the world, the health benefits of buffalo meat, buffalo mozzarella and the delicious simplicity of true Neapolitan pizza and the quality wines of Campania.

Emme Sei S.p.A. mission is to be the ambassador of “being Neapolitan” around the world.
Strategy and Goals

We offer cuisine, culture, tradition and love for our traditional fare and we believe in winning the challenge against standardized food. We are not a chain but a network of restaurants that are loyal to the brand identity while each maintains its uniqueness.

We have a glocal soul: we are expanding internationally yet true to our strong Neopolitan roots.

The reliability of the Fratelli la Bufala system makes world scale expansion possible, thanks to the centralized support of the franchisor Emme Sei S.p.A., who is fundamental in ensuring the quality, standards and unique format of every Fratelli la Bufala restaurant.

Facts and Figures

In ten years the Fratelli la Bufala brand has grown with a wide spread expansion mainly in italy.

Currently we have

about 100* restaurants in Italy and abroad
about 2.000* people who work with us
about 12.000* customers served every day
about 80.000.000* Euros yearly network turnover
about 22* millions of pizzas baked
about 500.000* Kg of mozzarellas served

Fratelli La Bufala - London Piccadilly

Fratelli La Bufala – London Piccadilly